Discuss the episode here.

I noticed the livejournal fm_alchemist community has a live stream discussion as well as an episode discussion. My early morning work schedule makes it hard to stay up that late/early, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a live stream discussion here. Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
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([personal profile] kyoko May. 9th, 2025 10:54 am)
I think I have pretty much everything set up, so let's get the party started and some discussion going!!!

Welcome to Hagaren: dreamwidth's community for all things Fullmetal Alchemist.

I highly recommend looking at the profile page to see the rules. Speaking of the rules I did make one change: scanlation links are allowed now. Fansub links are still prohibited, however.

To the right are some links one may find useful; including Funimation's video site for the new anime, the Japanese Fullmetal anime site, and the official English anime site.

To avoid the future potential of a million posts for new episodes and manga chapters (and possibly spoiling the series for anyone who is behind), there will be discussion posts made for each chapter and episode. The episode discussions for Brotherhood start with 1, and the manga discussions will start with chapter 95. If you don't want to search through a ton of posts for these discussions, then there will be links in the community's memories, or you can click on the tag that corresponds to whatever you're looking for.

Most of this post is about the new anime and the manga, but we also love the original anime too!!! Don't be afraid to talk about anime 1.0 (as I call it) if that is your adaptation of choice.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Wanna introduce yourself? Feel free to comment here.


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