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([personal profile] allekha Apr. 25th, 2019 03:46 am)
The local trees are not as gorgeous as the Japanese cherry blossoms, or the lovely ones we had back home. They are white and round puffballs of flowers right now, though, and they are pretty enough. The dandelions are also out in full force, and the daffodils, the magnolia trees, flowers I don't know the names for, and all the greenery is coming in now - spring!

Went to the farmer's market last weekend hoping to buy plants. I did get basil, but nobody there has vegetables yet, except for leafy greens. I will check the garden store on Friday, since I have to wait in front of it for a bus anyway. I have separated out the basil seedlings and planted them in little pots for now; they still look kind of sad, but I hope they will perk up. My mint has been growing prolifically after a scare where it kept getting brown spots on the leaves and I had to strip most of them off, though I might wait until it's warmer to set it outside permanently. I know, it's a mint, I'm not going to kill it, but it seems like it would grow faster inside for now and I've been enjoying my mint tea.

After having finished dragging myself through Foundation (I will be entirely honest: I found it so bad that I don't understand how it became a classic) I decided that I need to read something I know I will really enjoy that is a bit lighter than Genji, so I picked up the collected Sherlock Holmes volumes I had laying around. Read some of the stories out of my mom's much nicer collection when I was young, but never read all of them. I just finished A Study in Scarlet today. If I read it before, I didn't remember most of it - certainly not the long divergence into a story about the Obviously Very Evil Mormons. Wonder if that was a more compelling plot in the 19th century.

My mom is a huge Sherlock Holmes fan (she inherited that from my grandpa, along with her collected stories) so she is very pleased to hear that I'm reading the stories :) Which reminds me, I heard that Miss Sherlock is good - maybe she would like to watch it.
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([personal profile] malurette Apr. 22nd, 2019 08:01 pm)
The weekend went well, much better than expected, my mom's birthday party was a nice party indeed and all the travelling there and back was not as tiring as I feared. (Still, I'm very grateful that next week my boss' away on holidays and that tomorrow I have this stuff that needs me to work in the cleanroom all day so I'll be able to hide away if I need one more break than allowed and/or to shirk social interactions.)
But, uh, as I suspected I did nothing fandom-wise, no drawing, no writing, I barely knitted a few rows on my latest pride scarf, I didn't even watch series or movies! But seriously: rest is nice.
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([personal profile] alias_sqbr Apr. 22nd, 2019 09:29 pm)
I did make it in the end, but only for the Saturday. Which was lots of fun and SO MUCH LESS EXHAUSTING than going for the whole con, so I think I'll make it my default from now on.

There's no panel notes or anything, just me rambling about my day.
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Jaeheeeeee <3 <3

This kept being VERY shippy then no-homo-ing me, which was unpleasantly jarring, but other than that was incredibly sweet, it was so great helping Jaehee find happiness. And there's definitely space to headcanon them getting together after canon, even if Jaehee may need to get over her mental blocks a little.

Content note: brief mentions/portayals of suicide, cancer, unspecified mental illness

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Like the absolute madwoman I am, I consumed the entire Hiccup/Astrid tag on Ao3 in the past week and have marked a rather surprising number of fics worthy of recs! As usual, I filtered out crossovers, rape/noncon, and underage. I also filtered anything rated explicit, as this is a childhood fandom for me and I just prefer not to go there.

I still have a preference for angst, hurt/comfort, and happy endings. (That is never going to change.) And I definitely like soft!Hiccup. A lot.

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([personal profile] allekha Apr. 18th, 2019 05:51 pm)
Last month, I applied for a fellowship. My advisor didn't think I had a great chance of receiving it, but said it was a good application; when I saw him earlier this week, I joked that I hadn't heard back about not winning one yet.

Well, guess what I found out when I opened my email this morning? :D :D :D

That will more than cover me for my (hopefully!!) last year in grad school. Someone else in the department also received one, so our graduate director must be pleased - most years, nobody in our department gets one. And no more proctoring exams for me!

The only wrinkle is that it also covers me during the summer, and my advisor and I had already planned for me to TA for a course he's teaching and were getting me on-board with the projects the students will be doing, etc. Wonder if he'll fund someone else with it or if I'll end up helping out anyway.

Meanwhile, the weather here has been getting nicer and nicer - the first flowers are out, I've been seeing lots of robins, and the tree outside my window is budding. Going to pick up some plants this weekend and get my garden growing. I also bought flower seeds this year, so if they grow well, it will be nice and colorful out there.
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([personal profile] lotesse Apr. 17th, 2019 12:25 pm)
(feel free to link to anyone who might have thoughts ect)

I've been kicking a Mirror Dance AU concept around, but I can't get the MilSF plot elements wrangled enough to begin. I want Cordelia to go with Mark; tweak Aral's health status a little and it's more than believable. That's not the problem. It's the Jackson's Whole plot that I can't get into focus. Read more... )
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I'm enjoying it so far, even if she's a little shippier with Zen than I like.

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What hast thou found in the spring to follow (23697 words) by lotesse
Chapters: 6/?
Fandom: Dark Is Rising Sequence - Susan Cooper
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bran Davies/Will Stanton, Barbara Stanton/OFC
Characters: Bran Davies, Will Stanton, John Rowlands, Owen Davies, Alice Stanton, Roger Stanton, Barbara Stanton, Barnabas Drew (Dark Is Rising), Herne the Hunter
Additional Tags: Post-Canon, Fix-It, Arthurian, Reunions, First Time
Series: Part 2 of Wherein was bound a child

Whatever affair he was caught up in with Will Stanton, strange young man both stranger and intimate, possessor of secrets Bran had not known he’d ever had, it was not ended. Something of himself he had left in England; something of himself he had brought back. The name Pendragon: the very sea, frozen and still, seemed to be saying it over to him. Bran was listening, now. He was awake.

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Bugger this for a lark.

I did manage one bad end, the generic one you get if you screw up the very first scene. And then I got several days into doing Yoosung's bad ends before deciding I had better things to do. Like the fun parts of the game. Or watching paint dry.

Content Note: ambiguous Bad Things happen offscreen.

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