i don't know why i haven't been able to post anything in here, but it's finally working so i'm celebrating! even though this fic's been up in ff.net, dA and AO3 for a while. *^^*

Title: Daddy's Girl
Genre: Family Drama
Rating: PG/E
AN: Post-Brotherhood/Manga
Summary: Sara's had a special bond with Daddy from the day she was born.

Pinako backed Ed into a chair as he started unwrapping the blanket, staring blindly at his daughter. )
 i thought i'd use this journal for a change. :D

Title: New Hands
Rating: PG/T
Genre: Drama, H/C
Warnings: Pre-canon

ExpandSummary: After trying to get their mom back, both Elric boys realize they lost a lot more than their bodies. Relearning things is hard when you can't tell if you're doing it right. )

And here's another letter from Ed.

Title: Al's Letter
Series: Correspondences 3/? (here's the series so far.)
Rating: G/E
Genre: Drama, Humor, Family
Warning: Major Star of Milos spoiler

ExpandSummary: Ed tries to embarrass Al a little. )

both are already in AO3 and will be x-posted all over here and in lj. XD
Discuss the episode here.

Posting discussion early since I will be at a con this weekend and wont be able to put this up in time. =3
Discuss the episode here.

I noticed the livejournal fm_alchemist community has a live stream discussion as well as an episode discussion. My early morning work schedule makes it hard to stay up that late/early, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a live stream discussion here. Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.